sabato 5 ottobre 2013


Fabrizio Gatti is right: the little-big island called Lampedusa, which is presently experiencing yet another drama involving immigration, certainly deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. "L’Espresso" wishes to embrace this cause, to speak up for it, to do everything possible so that this nomination becomes a reality. 

The deadline for collecting and forwarding signatures to this effect is February 2014.  
I truly hope that institutions, politicians, intellectuals and especially citizens at large might support this initiative by signing our appeal - which is the easiest way to adhere to our proposal. There are at least five good reasons behind this proposal. 

Today Lampedusa is the most important gateway to Europe. From the other shore of the Mediterranean Sea - driven by hunger, pain and racial, tribal or religious persecution - hundreds of men, women and children embark upon a journey that hopefully will grant them a right to life, but often entails a possibility of dying in the process. That island is the stage of a daily and very noble battle in the name and on behalf of the whole world.

Bruno Manfellotto
Why Lampedusa deserves the Nobel Prize Fabrizio Gatti
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