giovedì 29 dicembre 2022

Renè Thom a fumetti

Publication of the Mathematical Works of René Thom in the Collection Documents Mathématiques of the French Mathematical Society

Marc Chaperon and François Laudenbach

Volume II has just appeared. We present the whole of the project, initiated by André Haefliger.

René Thom in Brief

Thom was one of the first members of the mathematical school created around Henri Cartan at the end of the Sec- ond World War, and one of the most glorious, but from the start singular: provincial, born outside university circles, he had acquired very young an intimate knowledge of the differential calculus as its founders conceived it. Unusual for his time, he did not distrust geometry, where he had developed his intuition to the point of “seeing” in four dimensions. Finally, having followed Henri Cartan to Strasbourg as a young researcher in the CNRS,1 he stayed there

giovedì 22 dicembre 2022

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