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E-@CADEMY: e-think-tank garage


E-@cademy is  an e-human-scientific-park-lab, an task-force of inventions, researchers out of circuit knowledge: for the dialogue of the humanistic, artistic and scientific culture for realization of Ideas and Research according the experience to american “garage”. 

An work-in-progress of ideas, patents and researches to find finances for application-field, for make the business-plan and to  produce employment. 

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Since the specialization of the knowledge needs every practical and theoretic effort and collaboration.

It get ready seminars,conferences “on line” about epistemology problems.

Send E-mail with your piece of work and to ask for information.

At the present moment, the members of the @cademy are examinee the feasibility of the wiring of economically poor and isolated zones like the south Italy.            

Such places have characteristics of elevated quality, as, an example, an optimal equilibrium city-country, an presence of spaces and a more and more rare “goods” like the " time "and " relax ".

From the other part: the presence of private and university poles of search allows plans of search with fallen back on the territory in some field-key:

- biotechnology, biological agriculture

- development of the tele-teaching-tele-medicine-tele-job -  

-  it possible to interact with true virtual museum dedicated to the civilizations of the past an evolution of classic archaeology (that it consists in the digging, excavating, find and so on)

with inserted data in a f.d., multimedia data-vision of archaeological places and the transfer in c.d. and/or laser-disk.

The c.d. it will be interactive: it will be able to be interacted with it and to be searched all the

possible news and acquaintances of one historical locality-event etc. to create worlds where to come down totally through virtual three-dimensional rooms, transferable software will be constructed in multimedia floppy-compact-laser disk, will create visual instruments (computer, teleconferences and so on) for being able to cohabit with the ancient civilization

and to have the possibility of living again this experience, through shapes of data transmission via satellite, networks etc.

 The advertising and marketing aimed and will sell at the companies of travel and softwarewith relative royalties.

The selling via Internet of the products of the place is previewed: hand-craft cultural-valorization of the natural resources tourist-historical, creation of the following figures: tourist-operator technicians, experts in tele-working-networks civic-architects and so on for the recovery and for the safeguard of the artistic-archaeological patrimony.

Some technical-operating data:

They are previewed:

500 Mld of investments in scientific, technological formation and human resources

SW and HF from 20 GB also for the administrative management of search and production.

Highway, infrastructures, energy alternative plan-search-formation-laboratories etc...




Optic fiber with the fulleren: fullerenic description of a possible or virtual plan of superropes, superstrings, supersphere,c uspidal singularity.

All the inventions, the innovations, the technologies, the patents, the epistemic paradigms, the scientific theories in a precise moment are found of forehead to their existential paradox: to be extended from a better eventuality and therefore to advance towards their tree-lined avenue of the sunset, or to arrive to unsurmountable limits of application, costs, delimiting perspectives, burdens, aesthetic or ecological or theological or ideological authority ethics.

The fate of silicon fiber optics not escape  to those hard laws of the magnificent progressive existences and of the postmanufacturer civilizations.

If then realizes of the natural competition joins to satellite, without cables, wires, fibers, diggings, without space ties, if not those of the ether: the silicon technique of optics fiber already ago to rise the objective limits of its development.

Here, it is concurred to describe to an eventual or virtual or possible design of a technological plan for the experimentation and the mass-production optic fiber construction with the fullerene: in the shape of the purity or the dope or the archetype, but always in perfect supersymmetry and with the quantistic chromodinamic.

The homage that the Nobels Samlley, Curl and Kroto offered to R.B.Fuller architect was non only nominal for the geodich applied spherical carbon, but also structural: therefore as it was the most daring structure will be possible to articulate molecules spherical, similar to the diamond, in order to plan and to construct to materials superconductors, wafers for aimed microchips, drugs,  ultraplates television, microfilms for video, and others, but also, for our plan, spin or coaxial, resistant tubes to tensions and roll-up shutters with great called facility: buckytube or buckyfiber. 

From those spherical carbonic fibers or of graphite the search is begun in order to plan optics fiber with the fullerene. The formula simpler in order to construct fibers with spherical molecules, deriving from the polarized the graphite three-dimensionally, is that one to imagine one serial supersymmetrical composition with the quantistic, useful possible to compose the triangular modules for chromodinamic it let to cross from one singularity, nearly solitonic, of laser beam.

The fullerenic photonic deconstruction with the exception of all possible the other optics fiber presents in the total technology, can be imagined intelligent, since the its infinitesimal variety, simplest, concurs than to at least vary the quantistic chromodinamic of the three fundamental colors, with valences of calculation operativities.

With epistemic terms: hardware essential of the data transmission is in presence of one fusion-technique of the three struments: the computer, the laser, the optics fiber:

It can easy be calculated, theoretically, that the optic fiber with the fullerene of superropes, supersymmetrical recombined superspheres and superstringhs and fail to fulfill quantistic chromodinamic, can carry out nearly one million ten operations in simultaneous to photonic speed.

The borders between optics fiber and the microcomputers fullerenics would become indefinite, since every fragment of the telematic system will work like if it were a photonic microchip with the fullerene.

Nobody other technique is able to replace, with identical functionality, thousand times the current silicon technologies: of the data transmission in its thoroughness: the cathodic cables, fibers, display, tubes, microchips, satellites, sensors, parabolic antennas, ceramic and metallic superconductors, arrange intelligent of software and hardware.         

It rise nearly spontaneously, a question: but the fullerenic superropes will be still optic fiber, also complex and intelligent, or we are in presence of new and more complete telematic microcips, unfolded in the superstrings of the system  like of nervous Biology of the human being.

There is concurred to leave last and the arduous and amazing sentence to the future.    



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