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GIACINTO PLESCIA: a S.HAWKING 14th International Conference General Relativity and Gravitation


S.HAWKING 14th International Conference General Relativity and Gravitation - Firenze 1995  mail e manoscritto


About S.Hawking's Virtual  Black Holes
by Giacinto Plescia        
On summer 1995 in Florence, S.Hawking had take part with a report at 14th International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation and had turned over the vision of the black Holes: from singularities of the universe’s implosive space to singularities that (according to Heidegger’s meaning : “Geworfanheit”) causes direct,continuous anti-entropic jets energy into the universe: this new paradigm is a real scientific event.

We, now, have a virtual black Holes’s space-model of the hypospace into the temporal superspace: S.Hawking reveals, into the abyss of Einstein’s relativistic space, the hidden hypospace wich is not the vacuum-space but a hypospace “super-being” characterized by a fluctuating topology.

In the Hawking’s mathematical model the black Hole’s stable parts are imagined unstable: according to Heisenberg’s undetermination principle.

It’s impossible to know with absolute precision (even if we will have the best technology) the elementary particle’s essence and status into the vacuum-space’s boundary of the black Hole’s hinner events.

The black Hole if static consequently is “impassive” to any phenomenon of quantum crossing, if unstable are characterized by singular, strange or virtual jets.

Between the many possible or probable or imaginary or virtual, some homologous and coherent and symmetrical or asymmetric or super-symmetrical ones: in the black Hole’s hidden hypospace will exist a superstring of virtual particles (or photonic superwaves or graviphotons) able to cross black Holes’s events horizon from a spacetime to another: as can be seen into resumption from the Hawking’s report


Consequently, for symmetry, it will be also not impossible the superstring’s hypospace chiasm for which unstable and virtual quantic jets, if they are symmetrical, will create a implosive gravimagnetic field; if they are asymmetric produce a field of explosive give birth (from the cosmic “nihil) to the virtual matter or antimatter: the spacetime’s singularities, chronotopies of the quantistic Relativity

 - pic.2 - 

Analyzing, with greater attention, the S.Hawking’s topologic model some “flash of
inspiration” about fundamental events of physics are possible.
Here: some are only enunciated, perhaps not of immediate temporal necessity but, in future, endowed with of essential qualities.

The black Hole’s hypospace chiasm can be imagined stable and static, or unstable, or structurally stable.

The space-time’s graviquantic curvature, surrounding the b.H., goes into abyss like virtual hypospace singularities: such to create a positive, circular curvature symmetrical to the correspondent biunivoc: an infinitesimal and quantic superstrings wich dimension is near to Planck’s costant (10 elevated -35)  

- pic. 3 -

The hypospace virtuality give birth to a cosmic string where the flow of virtual,elliptic or spiralic matter and antimatter , will shape which hinner field the hypospace of the virtual b.H.
The gravitational surface of the universe wrinkles in negative, according to rhythm by the Hawking’s imaginary numbers, until demonstrated into the hypospace, hinner to the b.H., the morphogenetic superstrings of the graviquantic field; if symmetrical: implosion, if charaterized by asymmetric spin, virtually jetting out new energy into the universe, so that to produce new, or old, big-bangs 

 - pic.4-

For supersymmetry the hypospace s' strings go into the abyss of the superchronotopy, so to bring near to the symmetry, or far, light years

 -pic.5 -

It gives birth a hypospace chiasm, virtual morphogenesis of the b.H. and other of the singular or strange or imaginary universes.
If science does not trick to us, and the reflections by Hawking we are forehead to an event pregnant, salient and paradigmatic vision of universe to the same, able time to relegate to amusing particularitities, all the previous theories.

But also pregnant so to produce new models, useful in order to unfold the events imagined by Hawking and revealing still unimaginable saliences. 

The hysteresis of the virtual chiasm could be numerated through the topologic cuspid.

Here it reveals a cosmic metabolic model that arises from the virtual “nihil” but that shapes a chiasm to imaginary string, and (in a generalized manner) a virtual imaginary hypospace.
It will be those chronotopic morphogenesis to stabilize a graviquantic field or pregnant by quantistic gravity.

In that supersymmetrical singularity, the two b.H. will be, perhaps, eternally untouchable static, or supergravity of the peripheral chronotopies, which produce a spreading and fluctuating hypospace field wich jets the matter and the antimatter, virtual and strange particles, galaxies and universes.

The double hypospace chiasm of the virtual b.H. will be a twofold where goes into the abyss the lower polarities, when the b.H.’s wales reveal themeselves unstable and undetermined.
The virtual twofold imagined by Hawking goes into the hypospace abyss of a topologic Taurus crossing one cosmic string, which take shape of one topologic twofold.

Into the supersymmetry imagined by Hawking, the double toroidal twofold reveals which virtual singularity of the topologic chiasm of 


but those that appears to our vision is not other that a fractal composition of the threefold, where the b.H. can to place with the most absolute freedom into the universal chronotopy, without some stable temporal and space essence, such that the b.H. appear wich unique singularity and distinguished into the universe, but really there are inserted into the graviquantic field through the S.Hawking’s virtual hypospace.

If that paradigm is pregnant in macro into the universe, it will be equally in micro like this it will not be much difficult imagine strings to the Planck ‘s micro region, but supersymmetrical to the Hawking's hypospace.
Into the supersymmetry imagined by Hawking, the double Toroidal twofold reveals wich virtual singularity of the topologic chiasm 

- pic.9 - 

pic.10= threefold’s topologic model

It is possible to imagine the b.H. plunged into a supercube or into a cuspidal cube, where reveals the difference and the harmonious proportion between the areas of the h.H. and the hypospace of the graviquantic superstrings.

Into pic.12 

the b. H. curves the space-time with negative curvature.


here is the difference and the harmony with the chiasm singularity of the hypospace graviquantic superstring, Here is the geometry or the mathematics or the logic or the algebra of the difference giacchè it is reveales the numeric proportion betweee the b.H. and the hypospace superstring oh the graviquantic chronotopy.

Into the pic.13/a-b: 

the threefold is acrossed into the vacuum of chiasm string, by singularity events created by virtual, strange and undetermined b.H.

Into the topology, the events of 


jet theirself from the threefold’shypospace string and seem which static,stable singularity but give birth from salient, instable nihil.

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